Employee Branding Video


We worked with MNP in their Toronto offices to create multiple internal videos with their employees for their employees, about the importance of culture in the workplace. We used music, graphics and text in post production along with pro. lighting and sound and gimbal work while in office. Check out the videos below. We [...]

MUSASHI AI Workplace Video


We worked with Musashi AI to create multiple Workplace Videos for use on their website, at their trade booth and for social media. We conducted interviews and captured all of their impressive equipment to demonstrate their world class products. We specialize in creating promotional and informational media to help your business gain more clients! [...]

Kitchener Videographer International Student Program Video


We worked with the Upper Grand School District to create multiple promotional and informational videos for their international student program. A Kitchener Videographer is ready to help with your media needs! We went to multiple schools and spoke with many happy students who love being part of the program. We captured them in their [...]

Guelph Promotional Video


We worked with Defy Sports Performance Physiotherapy on a series of promotional videos outlining how Defy can benefit a multitude of clients. We used music, graphics and text in post production along with pro. lighting and sound as well as gimbal work on site. Check out the videos below. We can create Promotional videos [...]

Book Promotional-video-Author


Promote Your Self, Your Business or Your Cause. Create valuable tools like this location event video advertisement to get noticed. This cost effective, promotional video is great to add to your social media and website, which gets eyes on your business. Check out their website here: Bloom Media can [...]

Megha James & Robin Sylvester


The Wedding of Megha James & Robin Sylvester Thank you for tuning in to witness our wedding virtually. We know you wanted to experience it in person, and so did we, but we can understand the circumstances that restricted it. But you are appreciated more than you will ever know, and we love you [...]

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