Video has become so prevalent in our internet/social media world. If it’s done right it can be informative, persuassive, entertaining and make you a lot of profit.  People are scrolling everywhere, everyday waiting for the next clip on their phones, tablets, computers and watches! Be heard with the power of Video.

The artistry of Bloom Media is making you or your product look great in an entertaining, efficient manner. We know how to help you come across likeable and natural. We know how to highlight the best aspects of your skill or product so that your audience is suitably informed. We also enjoy collaborating with our clients, fulfilling their vision while bringing our creative expertise to the table to help enhance it.

Why is a corporate video valuable?

Becuase your video will be...

Seen! By potentially millions of viewers with the help of social media and Youtube increasing brand awareness dramatically by organically sharing your content with targeted individuals. And best of all it doesn’t cost you a dollar, outside of your basic production costs.

What can a corporate video save you?


…As the most efficient method for delivering your message and showcasing your product or service to your customers quickly, effectively, and consistently. Create brand awareness for new viewers and ultimately save valuable time by streamlining communication with your customers.

What will you get?

Bloom Media Guarantees...

…Professional sound, lighting and creative collaboration. We have experience working with the best spokespeople, hi-lighting the best services and products. We always let you ‘re-draft’ the final product multiple times until you are fully satisfied.