Editing is far more than simply taking the footage and slapping it together for continuity. Editing is the final revision of the script that creates structure and form from an otherwise structureless mass of media. It creates a rhythm that an audience can subconsciously see and feel. Editing can create tension and release it. It can cause laughter or take it away in a heartbeat. Editing can be used to inform and audience, or deceive them. It melds the perfect music and transitions to complete the scene.

Film and Video Editing is our Specialty

We combine our educated and experienced knowledge of timing, transitions and filters to take any production through to the Final Cut

We are experts in both Adobe and Final Cut software.

Whether it is to tweak your final product or cut the entire thing, we are ready to help you transfer the footage, cut to your satisfaction (guaranteed) and transfer back to you in a prompt and professional manner.

Say What?

We realize how important audio is to a production and have all the tools necessary to make your sound perfect.

We Hear you!

There are many facets of audio that can go wrong and we have dealt with all of them. We are pros at providing excellent audio editing and guarantee satisfaction for your final product.

Always Be 'A Cut' Above

Skillfull editing can separate you from the rest of the endless productions vying for attention.

Not everyone can cut the same.

It takes skill, instinct, knowledge and experience to truly know when to cut, transition or not. There is a reason some productions can hold your attention and others don’t. There is also a reason some can make you feel and ultimately bring you success. Trust Bloom Media to bring you through to the Final Cut.