In today’s world restrictions may prohibit people from being able to attend events in person. We are here to help with Live Streaming Video services in Toronto and all of Ontario.

Our experience and strength is working with people to capture events, speakers, presentations, weddings and promotional affairs. We bring the aesthetic of professional cameras, lights and crisp sound to engage your audience.

We bring an approachable style for interviewing clients/guests to bring out the best of your video.

This beautiful live stream ceremony took place at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto. The couple wanted to share their important day with family and friends over seas and on the other side of the country. We provided a private YouTube link with a title page and countdown. We used a multi camera set up with crisp audio to help the viewer feel like they were in attendance.

Check out the venue here:

We had the privilege of streaming this beautiful Bar Mitzvah in a North Toronto backyard. We set up 2 pro. cameras with the ability to switch and adjust angles, along with and 2 pro. microphones  for crisp sound. A private link is provided with a title page and countdown. The lisiting can stay up for a few weeks and a file of the event is provided within one week.

We are always happy to provide the best customer service and look forward to capturing your event.

Here the couple planned two ceremonies however wanted to share one of them with specific family and friends. We provided 2 links for 2 separate times. we used a multi camera set up with crisp audio to help the viewer feel like they are in attendance.

We set everything up on the gorgeous patio of the Boulevard Club… then tore it down to set up inside as the rains came in. We provided LTE internet connection and a 2 camera set up along with a YouTube title page and countdown. Relatives from all over the world were able to join in and comment live!

Check out the venue here:

Here is an example of Bloom Media live streaming to thousands of people with parenting expert Alyson Schafer.

Check out the very talented Alyson Schafer here:

Contact Bloommedia for all of your live streaming needs.

Here we Live Stream a wedding using multiple cameras, Pro. Sound and provide LTE connection to create a custom, private link to YouTube.

FYI The bride walks down the aisle at the 13 minute mark. :)

Here we Live Stream a corporate conference and include all of the graphics and presentations applicable.

I had the opportunity to work with Speers Road Broadloom, HGTV’s  Interior Designer Candice Olson, and Shaw Flooring with Live Stream Videography of the Canadian component of SFN Live which is viewed  by tens of thousands of viewers.

Check out part of our live stream videography session below and click on the links of our partners to learn more:

Here we Live Stream a corporate seminar in which we utilized multiple cameras and included graphics, slideshow presentations and titles.

Everyone knows gay Christmas is Halloween, so when the Village, known to throw the best Halloween parties nation wide, had to cancel because of covid, Bloom Media came to the rescue.

We created a month long promotional campaign leading up to the main event which was streamed live on the Villages social media and you tube!

The Village is a comfortable and supportive community that offers the connectedness of a small town, in the heart of the City. The Village is an urban destination, connected to transit with businesses and events that are on the forefront of City building and urban life.

Check out the great work of the Church-Wellesley village here:

Here we Live Stream a corporate seminar in which we utilized multiple cameras and included graphics, slideshow presentations and titles.

Hundreds of people from multiple continents were able to tune in and be part of this special day. The main purpose of the stream was for the grooms grandmother who could not make it because of travel restrictions.  You can hear him greeting her at the beginning of the video.

Unfortunately the beautiful, snowy day the bride had envisioned turned out to be wet, rainy and cold. That didn’t stop the young couple from tying the knot however, and at least they can say it was memorable. If 2020 were a wedding, this appropriately fits the bill.

What can you expect from your video?


…Skilled sound, lighting, and camera operation creating a perfect reflection of your big event! For large and small events, our videographers always have the tact and expertise to gauge your event and capture it appropriately.

What we do for you.


…Show your audience what it was really like to feel the energy and excitement of being there! We use brilliant graphics, Pro. sound, integrate your photos, add music and interviews to do this.
We can even project your video while your event is still going on!

What will you get?


…Then we bring it all into the editing room and get creative, customizing, happily trimming and adding content until it’s perfect! Your final product is tailor-made for whatever medium you wish to display it on.