• Video has supported education for many years, and in online courses instructional videos are often a key component.
  • Findings show that videos help get the message across to a higher percentage of pupils.
  • Online courses and programs continue to expand.1 The potential benefits of online programs often cited include the ability to reach different audiences such as nontraditional students, working professionals, and international students; the variability and flexibility of online learning tools; and the possible reduction of costs — particularly relevant given rising tuition.

What do we do for you?

We bring your course to life!

Once a media plan has been established, pre-production begins on your instructional video. Your business sends outlines or scripts for review; videos are storyboarded and our media team arranges dates for production, and reserves spaces for video shoots.

How do we perform this feat?

With Passion and skill of course.

During production, audio, lighting, camera, backdrops, a teleprompter, etc. are set up; videos most often are produced with faculty members delivering the content. In the post-production process, instructional videos are edited one to three weeks after shooting.

What will you get?

Your vision relayed to everyone!

A subsequent review process usually involves the instructional designer and instructor. Multiple drafts of the instructional video are edited, if necessary, and created until full client satisfaction. Final videos are compressed, exported, and uploaded for you to host.